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White Goose Down

Fill power 900cuin
Down to feather ratio 95/5
Country of origin Poland
Down Supplier

ANIMEX Sp. z o.o.
Zakłady Pierzarskie
32-410 Dobczyce

TAX NO: PL 5272698951

PAJAK products are hand made in Poland.

Works carried out in Poland on the development of an ideal species of geese have contributed to the creation of the species of Biała Kołudzka (White Kołuda) goose. The creator of its genotype is the Research Farm in Kołuda Wielka - National Research Institute of Animal Production. This facility had been perfecting the genotype for nearly 60 years, by selecting and crossing geese with the best and most desirable quality features, and in this way, the species, which is the pride of the Polish Animal Science, was created. Currently, it constitutes about 98% of the population of Polish geese.


The EU law is much more restricted in terms of conditions for breeding duck and goose compare to any international standard. At Pajak, we decide to use only down from the domestic market which ensures quality and proper breeding process.

Full Control

The market participants are associated in Krajowa Rada Drobiarstwa – Izba Gospodarcza (the National Poultry Council of Poland), which functions as a market integrator, e.g. keeps breeding registers for the Ministry of Agriculture and issues certificates of origin for the down raw material. The vertically integrated breeding system enables the preserva- tion of species purity and quality control at each stage, which results in the highest parameters of down obtained from Poland


Of all insulations, down will give you the greatest warmth for the least weight. Each ounce of high quality down has about 2 million fluffy filaments that interlock and overlap to form a protective layer of still air that keeps warmth in and cold out.


When cared for properly (washed regularly and stored open in a cool, dry place), down will maintain its loft and insulation for a lifetime.


The many individual plumules of down allow it to mold to your body. Its high warmth to low weight ratio makes it easy to wear or sleep under, and its ability to wick away moisture and to breathe avoids the clamminess issues that are sometimes felt with synthetics.


Down is the by-product of a renewable resource, it is biodegradable and recyclable, it will last for decades, and it allows you to lower your thermostat.